My name is Lindsay but feel free to call me Coop. Since you landed on this page, I am under the assumption you would like to read “about” me. Fair enough. In short: I am taking a break from the hustle and bustle of San Francisco tech life to find my purpose on this planet. 

I know this sounds like some hippie dippy mumbo jumbo but I have lived in California for the past 10 years and have grown soft. Cut me some slack.

My first step on the road to self-discovery is more like a giant leap. (That’s how I roll, yo) Starting July 1st, I am moving to Ghana, Africa to volunteer in an orphanage for 6 weeks. I have no idea what this actually entails so it should be quite the experience to say the least.

To stay in the loop please follow this blog; I’ll do my best to entertain you. Feel free to send compliments to lindsaysaracooper@gmail.com

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