Sharing is Caring

Justice. The boy that stole my heart.
Justice. The boy that stole my heart.

This little nugget.

The other day the children got two lollipops in a bag with fresh clothing for when they move into their new home. Justice was showing me his adorable red jacket that has two whole pockets and zips all the way up. As he was showing me his new pockets, he pulls out one of his two lollipops and in his quiet, childlike voice says, “lolly for you!”

I said “thank you but that candy is for you!” And he goes “Nope. Lolly for you” and proceeds to unwrap it and stick it into my mouth. I asked if I could share it and he shook his head no. He was so pleased with himself he patiently sat and waited for me to finish, smiling from ear to ear as I (rather guiltily) ate the candy.

This kid has barely anything to his name and yet when he gets two candies he gives one of them away. His actions honestly moved me to tears.

All the feels.


2 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring

  1. Hello dear Lindsay from the couple you met in the coach in NYC- we dropped you at Grant Park– so proud of you — and happy you are safe!


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