Photo Journal of Senya- Beraku

Walking into town
Walking into my local village, Senya Beraku. North of the capital city Accra and right on the beach. 
The Internet cafe where I am typing right now.
One of many shops up and down the street
One of many shops up. There’s no set hours, you just have to hope someone is there.
Many of the shops have biblical references for names. Ghana is statistically the most religious country in the world.
Goats around every corner
Goats around every corner
This is where I picked up some phone credit.
Casual chicken stroll.
Casual chicken stroll and possibly my next meal.
Goats engaging in a battle royal. Who needs animal planet when you can watch the real thing.
Carrying goods on heads is an art form.
Carrying goods on heads is basically an art form. An art form I don’t have.

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