One Man’s Trash

There are limited supplies here to entertain the children.

Card Games
Card Games

Because of this, the kids are incredibly creative in using the materials found around their home to make games. Plastic bags filled with garbage are now soccer balls. Plastic bottles and caps are currencies to trade for other plastics and random things found on the ground. Broken strings are jump ropes. A weathered stack of cards is played for hours.

Balloon Party
Balloon Party

Balloons? Well those bring the house down.

The long stretches of dirt road are the foundation for “Red Light-Green Light,” racing and basically anything I can think up. Thanks to my years at summer camp, silly active games have flooded my memory banks and the kids are happy as clams to learn. Sure the rules get lost in the shuffle, but the core idea is somewhere imbedded in there. I think…

Playing Red Light- Green Light
Playing Red Light- Green Light

Sometimes, the only supply the kids need is the volunteers. The kids love to be picked up and swung around. I sometimes feel like a tree with branches covered in little animals.

Since I only eat potatoes and rice here, my bloated body has begged for exercise. Luckily I have found it in the form of “baby-gym,” the all inclusive way of entertaining kids and getting my exercise on. I squat, lunge, lift these little nuggets until my body is sore and tired and the kids are happy and giggling. WIN WIN WIN.

Constant Chaos
Baby Gym in Action

One of the most popular “games” we play is picking flowers. With two children wrapped in my arms, and four scurrying around my feet, we go on the hunt to find the most beautiful blooms in the bushes. The popularity of this game makes it rather challenging as supplies run low within the 10 meter circumference of Beckys. When a flower is found, a child delicately places the blossom in my hair. If my hair is fully covered, my pockets, socks and hands will also be stuffed with flowers. This game never gets old and now we could be mistaken for a pack of flower nymphs.

My flower nymphs

My flower nymphs

The lack of supplies never tarnishes their enjoyment. It really is true that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I have found renewed joy in playing with the simpler things in life, even when that simple thing is a trash bag filled with who knows what.


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