Getting Around Ghana

In terms of public transport, there’s not a ton of ways to get around Ghana. Other than Taxis, the most popular ways to travel is with a “tro-tro.” Tros are massive vans that fit about 15-20

The interior of a tro
The interior of a tro

people. The doors are often broken from being opened and closed so much. To pick up one of these rides, you shout your destination to the gentlemen working the door and if the tro is headed in that direction, you pile into an often crowded vehicle. These rides are a guaranteed adventure since there is no guarantee you will end up where you intended to go.

One of the best features of a tro is when vendors come up to the windows with their goods. Sometimes you’re buying an ice cream during a brief stop at a toll booth and the seller runs next to you to complete the transaction. Often times you just throw the Ghanian Cedi (their currency) out the window and hope it gets to the right person.

Random things you can buy on a tro:

-Live lobsters
-Gas Nozzles
– Ties
– Mouthwash
– Matches
– Buckets
– Coloring Books
– Squid on a stick
– Velvet animal print shorts
– Loaves of uncut bread
– Whole fried fish
– Bird seed

Sometimes the tro will stop and everyone gets off so it can be cleaned. Sometimes it stops and everyone gets off because the police start questioning the driver. Sometimes it stops for no reason and you still have to get off and get on another one. It’s the mostly organized chaos. Until it’s just chaos.


One thought on “Getting Around Ghana

  1. Just found my way back to your blog and it makes me so happy!! I can tell from your writing that you are so filled with joy. And I love it . !!!!!!!!!


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