Thank You

I want to take a moment and thank everyone who has donated* books, time, money and kind sentiments to Becky’s Home in Ghana. While material goods are not everything, it has been a tremendous help to get certain projects off the ground.

Your money has gone to a large new van to transport the children around the village. The new home is a little far away and they will need aid in bringing the kids to school, the medical clinic etc.

Your money has gone to plumbing for the new home. The children will benefit from running water for drinking and bathing. Something I know I personally took for granted back in the States.

Your money has gone to medical supplies. Many of the kids suffer from malaria, sinus infections, ringworm, infected wounds and typhoid. The daily trips to the clinic and  medicine to make them feel better costs money. Thanks to your donations, the children are healthier and happier.

Your money has gone to supplies. Disinfectant wipes to wash down the urine soaked pads they sleep on. Needles and thread to mend holes large enough to expose 8 inches of flesh. Chalk to practice their spelling on cement walkways. Stickers and bubbles for a chance to let kids enjoy being kids.

Your books have gone to highly motivated and excited students. Children like Fafa and Alice (age 12) excitedly read books by African authors to an audience of captivated younger children.

Beautiful things have happened because of your generosity. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

*To donate to Becky’s Home, please visit my GoFundMe page.


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