Meet Seth: The Owner

Becky’s Home is always ranked as one of the best places a volunteer can be placed within IVHQ. After meeting with Seth, the owner of Becky’s Home, I can see why.

Seth on the left, Berta on the right
Seth on the left, Berta on the right

Seth is an incredible human being. Since it’s creation in 2013, Becky’s home has housed over 80+ local children. Orphans, abandoned children, children whose parents can no longer afford them. Seth is inspired by the grace of God and know he has found his life’s mission. The children are his everything and he spends most waking moments thinking of ways to improve their lives. Much of his time has been devoted to the new orphanage. A remarkable new space that will have beds for all of the children, running water and electricity. He relies on the volunteers to do the day to day at the current space so he can supervise and organize the new home. The plan is to move everyone in around September however funds are still needed to complete the final touches.

When Seth speaks, a whole room goes still. He has a soft, melodious voice that captivates all who listen. With a warm smile, Seth verbalizes love and gratitude like a beloved preacher. I always feel rejuvenated and inspired after hearing him speak and I can’t help but feel the world is a better place because Seth is in it.


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