There’s no place like new home.

I got my placement today!!!!! This news requires five exclamation points because my heart is pumping five times faster than normal. Initially, this email took me completely off-guard because I’m not supposed to receive placement until two weeks before my start date. That’s when it dawned on me that I AM two weeks away from my start date. How is it already mid-June? Time is flying. Now that I know this trip is right around the corner, I feel like a little kid trying to stay up all night for Santa. The only difference is this time I will be the one bringing presents. Even knowing the name of the orphanage makes everything feel more real. I did some research online and found out the Turquoise program is one of the best to join. If anything because I look great in that color. So without further ado, here is some information on my future life in Ghana.

The Turquoise Program aka Becky’s Orphanage


Edited mapLocation: Senya in the Eastern Region
Distance from Accra (The Capital): Approximately 2 hours
Closest Large Town: Kasoa
Distance from Large Town: 30 minutes

Situation for Volunteers:

Type of Accommodation: Volunteer House (5 minutes walk from the beach!!)
Type of Beds: Bunk Beds
Running Water: No, but water is available for use
Electricity: Yes, but power cuts are common in Ghana
Type of Toilet: Flushing toilet, will need to fill cistern to flush
Shower Available: No, Volunteers will take bucket bath/showers
Drinking Water: Drinking water supplied by IVHQ Ghana
Cook: Lives on site

1175416_623307294368206_1537096906_nSituation at the Orphanage

Number of Children: 40
Number of Boys: 26
Number of Girls: 14
Age Range of the Children: 3 years to 14 years
Number of Orphanage Staff: 13
Number of Teaching Staff: 22
Running Water: Yes
Electricity: Yes
Toilet: Yes,
Kitchen: Yes
Beds/Mattresses Available: Some available, however some children sleep on the floor
Common illness: Malaria, skin rashes, coughs, scabies, stomach aches.

I knew it was going to be rustic living, and showering with a bucket is kind of exactly what I pictured. My curly hair is going to take a hit but I guess I can wave my vanity for a couple of weeks for this opportunity. I’m kidding. I will make my hair look good, don’t you worry. In all seriousness though, I want to meet these kids so badly my heart hurts. Can it be July 1st already?!

If you want to help me bring things to the children, please visit my GoFundMe page. Your money will go to medical supplies, clothing, school supplies and toys.

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “There’s no place like new home.

  1. Lindsay, do wish you all the best,but you don’t say what you think you have to personally offer the children in the orphanage. How can you improve their lives? What will they get out of your stay, material things are not always what will help. Very best wishes, Maureen


    1. Hi Maureen, I love that feedback. The honest truth is I could write about all of the things I think I’ll be able to provide, but until I get there,I won’t know for certain. I will address this point once I get there and have the experience. Thank you for taking the time to read this and comment. Means a lot.


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